Important MONDAY NIGHTS Announcements: “Game on!”



Thanks to the individual donors who gave to our ASSIST FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNMonday Nights is officially happening September 8-20, 2014 at The Theatre Centre!


We received an incredible 85 donations that totaled $7,067.50, smashing our goal of raising $4,000. We’re overwhelmed by this outpouring of support and are so thankful to you – our family, friends, colleagues and supporters – for making this dream of ours come true. You’re all-stars in our books and can find your name in our ASSIST CAMPAIGN HALL OF FAME.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!




We are also happy to announce that we received project funding from both the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council! We thank these to invaluable organizations that enable so much art to happen in our city and in our province and thank the jurors who found our project worthy of support.




It’s an exciting time and we’re hard at work as we continue to shape the piece. We’re meeting weekly and we’ve recently included our designers to our mix to get their expertise. Shout outs to Laura Baxter, David DeGrow, Chris Stanton and Camellia Koo for the effect they’ve already had on making Monday Nights better. We’re also working more closely with Franco, Aislinn, Lilya and the entire team at The Theatre Centre on some of the production and marketing elements.


Stay tuned for upcoming information on tickets and more updates in the coming month!