Lucky – Jeff (Team Green)


The past few weeks have been non-stop.
Brain busting discussion, between packs of cigarettes and energy shakes.
Physical exhaustion leading to short hours of rest,
while our brains continue to run,
tirelessly doped up on excitement and worries.
And yet….
I can’t help but feel so lucky.
Lucky to have worked with these four guys.
To have argued.
To have shouted.
To have compromised.
To have laughed and cried about the same thing.
Can’t help but feel so lucky.
To have a place to call home.
To have a brand new building to play in.
To have “landlords” who nurture the art and care for it’s creators.
Can’t help but feel lucky.
To have a team who believes in what you wish to impart to the world.
Who are unafraid to contribute,
and unafraid to call you out.
Can’t help but feel lucky.
That the most difficult thing about this past week has been where to contain our excitement.
I can’t help but feel lucky..
That I am here,
with these people,
in this space,
doing this.
It’s Monday night .
It’s game time.
I’ll see you on the court.

Sending my love,
Jeff (Team Green)