Fundraise for your team!

Raise funds for your team or league with the 6th Man Collective!

Host your supporters at a performance of MONDAY NIGHTS and keep some of the ticket sales! We’ll help you get new uniforms, travel to a tournament, or pay for a league or tournament registration fee!

Here’s how it works:

1. You pick a performance
2. We reserve a block of tickets for you on that day
3. You sell tickets to your friends, family and other supporters.
4. We split the ticket sales. The more you tickets you sell, the higher percentage of ticket sales you receive.

Sell up to 24 tickets

  • 30% of tickets sold
  • Earn up to $144

Sell 25-49 tickets

  • 35% of tickets sold
  • Earn up to $343

Sell 50 to 80 tickets

  • 40% of tickets sold
  • Earn up to $640

To raise funds for your team, contact to arrange your evening.